Anaconda Treasure Book- Treasure Hunting with Team ATC

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Treasure Hunting with Team ATC, 2008. Approximately 320 pages, paperback.

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K.G. and the Ringmaster go literary. This attractive, glossy, full-color book features hilarious stories and episodes from the field, Wild West history, identification of various finds, military insignias, railroad items, a trade token guide, screen building instructions, gobs of color pictures, a plethora of detecting tips, historical information pertaining to Anaconda, Montana, true tales of murder, bootlegging, prostitution, and drunkenness in the Old West, and more of the usual Team ATC ignorance. There are detailed treasure maps to real buried treasure including at least three seated half dollars! Not your run-of-the-mill treasure hunting book. This one is a treasure in and of itself. Hundreds of full color photographs. K.G. and the Ringmaster are usually uncontrollable to say the least, but the publisher and editorial staff somehow reigned them in enough to allow the creation of this wonderfully detailed and informative text. It's a fresh approach to the sport. Well researched, intelligently presented, and surprisingly scholarly, based on what we've seen from these two head-cases in the past. A quality addition to any treasure hunter's library! Approximately 320 pages of glossy, full color awesomeness. This is definitely a different kind of treasure hunting book. Well written and entertaining, it's a strange conglomeration of essays and stories documenting the exploits of K.G. and the Ringmaster over the past several years - a bizarre, mutated Lewis and Clark diary combined with historical details found while researching some of their more interesting discoveries. You'll learn about detecting and screening, but you'll also read about U.S. history, the Wild West, and some of the vices behind an old Montana mountain mining town during the height of its success about 100 years ago. This is way more than a "how-to" book or a reference guide. This unique collection of ideas, information, and quirky treasure hunting stories is something to sit back and enjoy.
Anaconda Treasure Book- Treasure Hunting with Team ATCAnaconda Treasure Book- Treasure Hunting with Team ATC
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